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Pay Your Bills

For new CHPW Individual & Family members

You need your Member ID (also called a Subscriber ID) to make your first payment. Please wait to receive your first invoice with your Member ID included to make your first payment.

If you do not receive your first invoice by 10 business days after enrolling, please call Customer Service at 1-866-907-1906 (TTY 711).

Please note: Binder payments and premium invoices are always due on day 23 of the month.

How to pay your bills

You have three options to pay your CHPW Individual & Family Plan bills: online, by phone and by mail. Learn more about these options and how to use them.

Online bill pay

E-Bill Express is our secure payment portal that allows you to pay your monthly premiums online.

Invoices are available in E-Bill Express each month. You can make a single payment or set up automatic recurring payments.

Pay Online

Pay by phone

Members can also pay their bills by phone.

You will need your Cascade Select member ID, your billing ZIP code and a way to pay. (Credit or debit cards are accepted.)

You will also need a way to write down your transaction ID number for your records.

Pay by Phone

Pay by mail

Another way to pay your bills is by mail.

You will need your invoice, an envelope, and a check or money order. Do NOT send cash.

Pay by Mail

How to pay by phone

  1. Call Wells Fargo directly toll-free at  855-560-4057 or call CHPW Customer Service at 1-866-907-1906 (TTY: 711) 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and they can connect you to the service.
  2. Wells Fargo’s automated system will prompt you to provide your billing ZIP code and the 10-digit numeric portion of your Cascade Select member ID number. (Leave off the ‘BT’).
  3. Wells Fargo will tell you the current billing amount..
  4. You can pay any amount up to the full billing amount.
  5. Wells Fargo will confirm the amount to be processed and provide a transaction ID number. Save this number for your records.

How to pay by mail

    1. You should have received a printed invoice for the amount due and due date. Return it in the included return prepaid envelope with a check or money order. (Do NOT send cash.)
    2. If you do not have the return prepaid envelope, you can mail a stamped envelope to the address below. Don’t forget to include your CHPW Member/Account ID number!
      Community Health Plan of Washington
      PO Box 3762
      Seattle, WA 98124-3762
    3. If you need to overnight your payment, please use the following address:
      Lockbox Services Box 3762
      Community Health Plan of Washington
      18035 Sperry Drive
      Tukwila, WA 98188

Frequently asked questions

General billing questions

Can I make partial payments or overpay on my account?

Yes. On the “Pay My Bill” page, you can indicate if the payment you are making is a partial or “short pay” or an overpayment. If the payment amount matches the amount due, then you do not need to check either box. If you make a partial payment, you will need to continue making payments until the amount is paid in full. If you overpay, a positive credit will appear on your account. You can apply this credit toward future bills.

What happens if I do not pay my health plan premium bill?

You should pay any premium bills you have. If you cannot pay the entire amount at one time, you can submit a partial payment. If you fail to pay your monthly premiums, your coverage could end.

How far in advance of the due date should I schedule my payments?

We suggest you schedule your payment for at least 3 business days before the actual payment due date.

E-Bill Express questions

After enrolling in this payment service, when can I start paying my bills?

After you complete your account setup and respond to the activation email, we will start your service immediately. You can then access the service to pay a current bill or view past bills. You should begin receiving an E-Bill notification within a month or so, depending on the billing cycle.

What payment code should I choose?

E-bill payment codes that begin with “O” should be used if the payment you are making is more than the invoice balance. Codes beginning with “SP” should be used if you are paying less than the invoice balance displayed. You can use the “Pay-Now” feature to make a one-time payment to bypass the payment code field.

Pay your bills

How can I confirm that a payment has been made?

Once you submit a payment, a confirmation window will pop up to confirm the transaction and provide you with a confirmation number. We recommend that you save or print the page for your records.

How far in advance of the due date should I schedule my payments?

We suggest you schedule your payment for at least 3 business days before the actual payment due date.

How long does it take a payment to post to my health plan account?

Allow at least 3 business days for payments to be applied to your account. Please plan your payments accordingly.

What if I forget my password?

Click on the “Password Help?” link on the home screen. Enter your Login ID and the email address that you used when you first set up your account and we will send you an email with a link to reset your password.

When is the money withdrawn from my credit card account?

Payments are withdrawn from your account the same business day or the following business day, after a payment is submitted.

When is the money for the payment withdrawn from my bank account?

The funds for the payment are debited from your account on the date for which you scheduled your payment. Keep in mind that you should always have funds available to cover the payment on that date.

Will I receive a reminder that I have an E-Bill ready for viewing and paying?

Yes. You will receive an e-mail reminding you that an E-Bill has been added to your account and is ready for payment

During the E-Bill Express setup enrollment process, I hit the “Back” button to view a prior screen. Now I can’t log back in because my password is not being accepted. What should I do next?

It is possible the domain of the URL changed when you hit “Back.” To fix this problem, simply start over at the E-Bill Express log-in screen.
You can access it by clicking on the link at the top of this page, or by clicking the button below:
Login to Pay Your Bill


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