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About Us

CHPW Has You Covered

In 1992, Community Health Centers in Washington state came together to form the Community Health Network of Washington (CHNW) and a subsidiary not-for-profit managed care company, Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW). CHPW has been providing no- or low-cost health plan coverage to Apple Health (Medicaid) members since 1992 and Medicare members since 2007.

Today, CHPW is offering Washingtonians a uniquely affordable health plan: CHPW Individual & Family Plans.

To provide Washington residents with the best community-based care possible, CHPW Individual & Family Plans leverage our statewide network of:

  • 21 Community Health Centers operating 193 Primary Care Clinics
  • More than 1,300 primary care providers
  • Over 7,800 medical specialists
  • Over 2,600 behavioral health specialists
  • Over 60 hospitals
  • 24 Affiliate Primary Care Centers operating 51 Primary Care Clinics

CHPW Individual & Family Plans

Our CHPW Individual & Family Plans utilize our Cascade Care Affiliate Network and full suite of plan support services for Individual & Family Plans Cascade Select Gold, Silver, and Bronze offerings.

The health and well-being of our members are at the forefront of our mission to support healthy communities through access to quality care.

CHPW provides numerous benefits, including a strong health network made up of a diverse set of providers centered around our Community Health Centers:

  • We provide state-of-the-art care in modern facilities and through 24/7 virtual care
  • Our clinics are conveniently located in the neighborhoods where you live, and our staff are your neighbors
  • We offer on-site health care from physical to behavioral health
  • Our clinics provide essential, culturally responsive services
  • We are governed by Community Health Centers, who are governed by their community members

Our plans focus on treating the whole person and building trust, compassion, and respect for those who choose us. We operate on the principle that access to care is your right, and that care is most convenient when it is in your community. For us, “community” isn’t just a name, it’s how we deliver access to care.

Culturally Competent Care Tailored Just for You 

CHPW serves a diverse population and focuses significant effort to help remove the barriers—economic, cultural, linguistic, geographic, and otherwise—that prevent people from getting needed medical attention. As a health network, we bring together Community Health Centers (CHCs) and other health leaders with our shared values of equal access to care and social justice. As members of Washington state’s vibrant communities, we understand the challenges that our fellow Washingtonians face when attempting to access and finance care in the midst of our busy lives. That’s why we focus on affordable, accessible community care.

Our Mission

We strive to provide services and support that impact the health and well-being our members, both directly and through our valued partnerships with community-based providers. We work closely with your providers to ensure your health needs are being met, and we go beyond the clinical setting to make it easier to access resources in your community. We work for patients, and we work to help providers better serve those patients. Making Washington a better place is the reason that each of us gets up and comes to work every day. We’re mission-driven. We’re dedicated.

Why Choose CHPW?

We know you’ve got options. Why should you choose us as your plan provider of choice? Find out how we do health care differently.

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